Spectrum Story

Baby Ruth who spent her short life in a hospital cot

Sally Livingstone was a rookie nurse at Westminster Children’s Hospital in London, England. It was some 40 years ago, and she was just starting her nursing career, when she got a rude awakening.

A young mother had given birth to twins – a healthy baby girl and Ruth, who was born with spina bifida. The parents took Ruth’s healthy sister home, but left their sick baby behind. Ruth lived only a few short weeks, the nurses providing what love and care they could in the cold hospital setting.

That day, Sally vowed that she would one day take these children into her home so they could spend their days in a loving and caring environment.

Philippa was the first to come home with Sally. She was severely handicapped and was given only a few months to live. Pippa lived for 2½ years and died peacefully in Sally’s arms.

Since then, Sally has provided respite for many babies and children, giving mothers of special needs children the much-needed break. Currently Sally provides a safe-baby home for drug and alcohol-addicted babies, seeing these children returned to their birth families, placed into long-term foster care, or even adopted by loving families.

Sally herself has adopted Devon, who turned six in 2012. Sally teaches at Capilano University, and runs Spectrum in her free time – all out of her passion to support mothers and give children the love they so richly deserve, desiring to make a difference in the lives of mothers on the North Shore and to involve the community in caring for these families.

Her dream is to find a 5-6 bedroom house in North Vancouver where she can continue to care for her foster children and offer respite for mothers and their children as they face difficult and challenging circumstances in their lives.

Please contact us if you can help Sally make this dream a reality.